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Face. Cleansing Pad


Face. Cleansing Pad


Our Face. Cleansing Pads quickly and effectively remove your makeup with just WATER! They are kind on sensitive skin, and reach deep into your pores to remove dirt and makeup without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Did you know, the average makeup wipe takes a staggering 100 years to decompose. These soft reusable cleansing pads replace the need for single-use makeup wipes to help make our planet a cleaner place.

- 3 x Face. cleansing pads included

- 3 layer cleansing pad which can last over 200 washes

- Each pad replaces over 500 single use makeup wipes!

- 12cm diameter, the biggest on the market!

- Non-toxic and reusable

- Cruelty-free and eco-friendly, just how we like it!


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